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Hello there! First of all, I have to thank you for your interest in my website. You are here reading this and you must know that this means a lot for me. Yes, I am talking in the first person because I will present me a little bit and how this project started. But let me tell you what a great person you are! It doesn’t hurt to make a little compliment.


My name is Cornel Manu (aka King Manu), I was born on October 18, the year 1990. I work as a professional ghostwriter .

I started my first website at 14 years when the first thing that I searched on Google was “how to Cornel Manumake money online”. That’s when my journey started. I found my passion for photography editing in the meanwhile too. My hobbies include various types of art starting from music, tattoos, poems etc. But the spirit of entrepreneurship is the most dominant and it guided me through various projects until this one. And sometimes I just like to write short poems.

I am a Latin Lover and born romantic, and at the moment when I had to start a new project, I was deeply in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. I combined that with my passion for Photoshop editing and business and this website was born. The goal is to become the biggest and most beautiful love quotes website. Made with love and for love!

We have more than 700 love quotes on images here on this website, and it’s enough to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the search bar to target specific words, or simply hit the Random button on the menu to get one aleatory.

I am more than glad if you get in touch with me through the various social profiles for my website, and also, you can use the Contact Page.

Your opinion and feel regarding my website are very important, so please make sure to let me know about it!

Cornel Manu , Founder & CEO MyLoveQuotes.net , AmbitionOasis.com

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